One of our biggest mistakes

Florida Sand Hill Cranes
Took a minute to chat with these guys after a run, because i had the time, and it was fun.


One of our biggest mistakes is not adding margin to our travel time.

It’s an insidious habit.

It’s one of the main reasons we are unbalanced. We become bankrupt spiritually because we are constantly coming up short – and rushing through the basics of life. The basics sustain us. The basics allow a rhythm and freedom to be more present.

The basics; a spontaneous conversation with a friend at the grocery store, taking a moment to help someone in need – if only to give directions, or simply pausing to watch the clouds for two minutes.

i’ve found that padding extra time into travel time allows for me (anyone) to be more present and to not be in so much of a rush. Life is too short to rush through it all.

Note: i struggle with this every day. That’s why it’s so important.




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By jeff noel

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