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Health Is Wealth

In April, I have a huge decision to make. To keep writing five daily, differently-themed blogs, or stop. The first best-selling book is overdue and needs my passionate attention.

The idea of a themed month – Health Is Wealth – seems doable. Maybe, just maybe, things will work at at Lane 8.

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Health Is Wealth

“Wealth can’t buy health, but health can buy wealth”.Henry David Thoreau

Interesting.  Why?  Because Thoreau died in 1862, at 44.  Little did he know that all these years later, money can buy health, to a certain extent.  But that’s not the reason this Thoreau quote is important.

It’s important because, in my opinion, health can buy wealth.  My wife’s Grammy, who lived to be 93, would always say, “Health is wealth”.

Grammy died in my arms in 1989.  We had traveled to Allentown, Pennsylvania to visit Family and I was attending our best man’s wedding.

Grammy, in her wisdom, knew firsthand that as we age, we are at the mercy of our bodies.  Our body – the greatest machine ever devised.  Don’t forget to rotate your tires and change the oil at regular intervals.