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Three underrated requirements for a positive attitude

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culture is what people think and do without is attitude

Don’t you dislike when people make inaccurate assumptions about your personality? Who are they to judge us, right? They don’t know. How could they? It can be very frustrating for positive people to be labeled as lucky. Here’s an angle to consider.

The three most underrated requirements I need to stay positive, in priority order:

  1. Desire – ya gotta want it…bad
  2. Courage – you gotta “just do it”
  3. Practice – you have to do it over and over and over and…

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Five Daily Blogs, Seriously?

Revolving door number one (of five)

mid life celebration
MIND: mid life celebration is the first blog in the series of five

Happy Saturday. Taking a minute to visit redundancy-land. I write five daily, different blogs because life has five big choices – my recipe for work life balance.

So after reading this blog (our mind), the two words below are your fast pass to read about our physical responsibility.

Simply click the bolded word below to go to the…

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There’s A Time And A Place For Monumental, Life Changing New Year’s Resolutions

Please look closely at those two words...and then do it.

You’ve heard jeff noel talk about The Herd and The Movement. And you know he tells it like it is, candidly, openly, antagonistically honestly. There’s a time and a place for monumental, life changing goals. If you can not do the easy resolutions, you have no chance of succeeding at the big ones. So don’t overdo it this week. Stay small. Stay positive. Stay focused. And believe with all your heart that you deserve to win your small resolution.

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jeff noel Offers 4 Creative Tips For New Year’s Resolutions That Will Not Fail

Bonus tip: Don't set any resolutions around losing or gaining weight, it's too hard this time of year.

Baby Boomer, jeff noel, shares 4 helpful tips for making our New Year’s resolutions stick:

  1. Think small (an “easier” resolution is not cheating).
  2. Not every goal has to be monumental.
  3. Don’t tell anyone what you’re going to do (keep it your secret).
  4. Get back up when you fall down – no one will know you’ve fallen.

Nothing fuels success like success. Make your goal ridiculously simple. One year I decided to set all the clocks we owned (13, including microwave and cars) to the same time. As an added level of difficulty (over-achiever), I made it the real time.

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Authenticity (New Currency)

jeff noel, Please Give Your Audience An Example Of How You Applied Disney Excellence To Midlife?

How Does One Stay At The Top Of Their Game For A Lifetime?

Dear Boomer friends, we all know the unfair surprising number of health related challenges midlife brings. High cholesterol struck jeff noel 12 years ago, and with a family history of heart disease, noel needed to refocus on excellent diet and exercise habits.

Diet and exercise gurus teach the “how to” diet, “how to” exercise – this is good. But health gurus, for whatever reason, neglect the critical success factor that noel preaches at Lane 8 – getting healthy is one thing, staying there is a lifetime event.

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