Amazing does not happen when we sell ourselves short


We become what we think about most.

This either sets us free or binds us in chains.

The only key to lock or unlock this is our thoughts about what is possible.

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Honey, It's For You

Thriving anywhere, all day, every day?

wake-up calls
Four car pile up… at first glance, no one was hurt… a lucky break… a “soft” wake-up call?

By the time we reach midlife, we are fully entrenched in our daily habits. It is what is it is. But it does not have to be unchangeable. But if it is to change, there is one person, and one person only who can envision it and carry it out. No matter what. No matter how long.

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There’s A Time And A Place For Monumental, Life Changing New Year’s Resolutions

Please look closely at those two words...and then do it.

You’ve heard jeff noel talk about The Herd and The Movement. And you know he tells it like it is, candidly, openly, antagonistically honestly. There’s a time and a place for monumental, life changing goals. If you can not do the easy resolutions, you have no chance of succeeding at the big ones. So don’t overdo it this week. Stay small. Stay positive. Stay focused. And believe with all your heart that you deserve to win your small resolution.

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