jeff noel Offers 4 Creative Tips For New Year’s Resolutions That Will Not Fail

Bonus tip: Don't set any resolutions around losing or gaining weight, it's too hard this time of year.

Baby Boomer, jeff noel, shares 4 helpful tips for making our New Year’s resolutions stick:

  1. Think small (an “easier” resolution is not cheating).
  2. Not every goal has to be monumental.
  3. Don’t tell anyone what you’re going to do (keep it your secret).
  4. Get back up when you fall down – no one will know you’ve fallen.

Nothing fuels success like success. Make your goal ridiculously simple. One year I decided to set all the clocks we owned (13, including microwave and cars) to the same time. As an added level of difficulty (over-achiever), I made it the real time.

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