Self Control (Impossible?)

Professional speaker’s hippocratic classroom oath

Twitter down time screen shot
Immediately felt something was wrong in the article


Would you stop what you believe in because others are annoyed?

One of my jobs is to think differently and challenge others to do the same. Not tell them how to think, only to try, right now, to do it differently. That’s my hippocratic classroom oath. Saying that to say this…

A Huffington Post article was emailed to Mid Life Celebration yesterday, and the reading began. Almost couldn’t finish. From a rare (which is the DNA of thinking differently) angle, it could be somewhat disturbing.

The author was going on and on about what other people would think of her New Year’s proclamation of wearing a bikini come Summer.

If Jenny Trout’s goal was to create a buzz to get folks to read Huffington Post (Huff Post loves when that happens by the way), she nailed it. It is a business for goodness sakes. No harm, no foul. Bravo even.

Yet there’s a part of us deep down inside that has to wonder, “What if Jenny just did what is suggested here, and canned all this bikini stuff?”

Maybe wisdom, intellect, insight, paradox, and business aren’t as sacred as we had hoped.

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Dear Readers

Admirable companies and jeff noel make it look easy because…

Some companies are so admirable their fans become brand fanatics


So easy to label it a gift, this daily writing about Life’s Five Big Choices.

Simultaneously, it’s so easy to say the most admirable companies in the world are lucky because they have the magic to make things work.

In both cases it can be summarized this way:

It’s not the magic that makes it work, it’s the hard work that makes it magic.

There is no room for excuses in the pursuit of excellence.

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Never be convinced

Airport sign using cow atlas
What does the cow say?


The easiest thing to abandon is our very simple belief in something that is constantly with us.

The fundamental belief that thinking only positive thoughts is the best habit in the world.

The pressure to compromise is constant.

And convincing.

What if we are never convinced to compromise?

(notice the cow’s spots?)

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Everything Is Important

What one was afraid to say, the other felt it was the highest compliment

Uniformed Japanese school boys and an adult in aloha pants
The contrast is striking, and we love it.


What one was afraid to say, the other felt it was the highest compliment.

One friend told the other, “Don’t take this the wrong way, but sometimes you think too much”.

The recipient friend replied, “Thank you. I see it as a gift that no one else we know brings”.

Aren’t we set free when we acknowledge and accept what makes us different special?

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Things I Learned Yesterday

What resonated with you yesterday?

crazy attitude
some things just don't seem to make sense, you know, they seem crazy

Flying home yesterday from Knoxville, I was struck by something I read from Copyblogger. This notion that we may need to decide if we’re willing to be called crazy. What type of attitude is required to actually imagine being called crazy, and what type of attitude is required to move forward anyway?

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