Dear Yesterday

Highline Trail
On this, my third crossing in less than a month, i didn’t use the safety cable to cross the treacherous (for me) first 200 meters. You can see the cable on either side of Dave’s shoulders.


Highline trail
Dave didn’t use the safety cable and it was his first crossing.


Dear Yesterday,

If it weren’t for the experience you provide each morning when i reflect back, there’s no way i’d ever be able to see my progress (and my backsliding sometimes).

Without you, i’d have no one to coach and encourage me. Thank you for always being there.




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What resonated with you yesterday?

crazy attitude
some things just don't seem to make sense, you know, they seem crazy

Flying home yesterday from Knoxville, I was struck by something I read from Copyblogger. This notion that we may need to decide if we’re willing to be called crazy. What type of attitude is required to actually imagine being called crazy, and what type of attitude is required to move forward anyway?

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