Professional speaker’s hippocratic classroom oath

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Immediately felt something was wrong in the article


Would you stop what you believe in because others are annoyed?

One of my jobs is to think differently and challenge others to do the same. Not tell them how to think, only to try, right now, to do it differently. That’s my hippocratic classroom oath. Saying that to say this…

A Huffington Post article was emailed to Mid Life Celebration yesterday, and the reading began. Almost couldn’t finish. From a rare (which is the DNA of thinking differently) angle, it could be somewhat disturbing.

The author was going on and on about what other people would think of her New Year’s proclamation of wearing a bikini come Summer.

If Jenny Trout’s goal was to create a buzz to get folks to read Huffington Post (Huff Post loves when that happens by the way), she nailed it. It is a business for goodness sakes. No harm, no foul. Bravo even.

Yet there’s a part of us deep down inside that has to wonder, “What if Jenny just did what is suggested here, and canned all this bikini stuff?”

Maybe wisdom, intellect, insight, paradox, and business aren’t as sacred as we had hoped.

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