thank you note
A neighbor drew this image of our new home in 1992. She then made a box of note cards out of it. Used one yesterday.


The free, inexhaustible fuel.

  • Appreciation.
  • Recognition.
  • Encouragement.

While the four remodeling crew workers (including the owner) greatly appreciated the generous cash gift they individually received, they came back inside the house to thank me for the sentiments i wrote on each of their cards.

A few specific, sincere, and timely sentiments on each card.

It touched them.

And surprisingly, because i didn’t expect them to do what they did, that touched me.

In the giving we receive. Crazy, i know.

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Disney Leadership Book

Why would you make a new employee wait five years?

Employee recognition programs

    Photo: screen shot from LinkedIn yesterday.


Disney Cast years of service awards
Photo taken yesterday from my office bookshelf.


Top photo summary: Based on the Amazon employee’s status update, Amazon doesn’t recognize an employee’s 1-year anniversary. But they do celebrate 5-years with a special employee ID.

Bottom photo summary: Disney recognizes 5-year employment anniversaries like Amazon, but also celebrates the first-year anniversary with a special Steamboat Willie Service Pin for the Cast Member’s name tag. Additionally, a new “years of service” pin is awarded at every five year anniversary. The Pinocchio statue also came with a 30-year service pin to wear on my Disney name tag.

So i have seven pins:

1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30

Disney over-focuses on the same things others under-focus on or ignore.

Why would an organization not focus on an early, celebratory win, on the first company anniversary?


And what’s to be gained culturally by celebrating one-year anniversaries?

The thinking that went into Disney’s cultural norm versus Amazon’s illustrates the power in .thinking .differently


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This website is about our MIND. To read posts about our BODY, click here.