thank you note
A neighbor drew this image of our new home in 1992. She then made a box of note cards out of it. Used one yesterday.


The free, inexhaustible fuel.

  • Appreciation.
  • Recognition.
  • Encouragement.

While the four remodeling crew workers (including the owner) greatly appreciated the generous cash gift they individually received, they came back inside the house to thank me for the sentiments i wrote on each of their cards.

A few specific, sincere, and timely sentiments on each card.

It touched them.

And surprisingly, because i didn’t expect them to do what they did, that touched me.

In the giving we receive. Crazy, i know.

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This Is Just For Me

Love note for a travelin’ man

love notes
seemingly insignificant note

On the way to Orlando airport yesterday, I took 20 minutes at Gold’s Gym to squeeze in a much needed strength workout. Returning to the car to continue on, I noticed the above note on the windshield. While driving to the dentist, unbeknownst to me, my wife and son snuck the note while I was inside. Is this what they mean by “life is good”?