Thank you Bob

Bob’s leadership as CEO since 2005 is remarkable and admirable.

Thank you Bob Iger.

Every Disney fan, including Cast Members, are indebted to you for your quiet, creative genius.

Every Disney share holder who is selling their shares this month are also indebted. Disney stock is up 38% in the last 12 months.

What does that have to do with anything?

It’s crazy and wonderful. No one saw 35+% in such a short time coming. Disney shareholders who are selling this month are ecstatic. If you’re not a shareholder, and, not selling, this means nothing to you. Essentially, you do not care about any of this.

These blogs are finishing their 11 consecutive year. No one saw this coming either. If you are a casual reader, it’s crazy to think about the 4,000 days writing five a day – 20,000 posts. Essentially, you do not care about any of this either.

If you consistently read these posts (like i do every day) because it does something for you, i appreciate your craziness. You certainly have to be as crazy as the author.

Five a day, every day, for the past 11 years.

Insane on every account.

Thank you for your craziness.

It’s inspiring.

PS. If these two or so daily hours were taken away, i’d feel punished and incomplete.

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Friday night phone call from Disney University

Walt Disney World Marching Band
He sure looks like he’s having fun.


Walt Disney World Marching Band
He sure looks like he’s having fun, from any angle.


Dear son, my Disney colleague Bob called last night at 8:45pm. Even though i was minutes from bedtime, i took the call.


We spoke for over 20 minutes and we could have kept going.

Bob and i were co-facilitating The Disney Approach to Loyalty at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort when you came in the room at class graduation, marching your little four-year old self straight up the middle of the classroom to present me with my 20-years-of-Disney Service pin.

Anyway, Bob reminded me how much fun i was in the classroom. And it had me asking myself, “Am i still that much fun in the classroom?”

Next time i’m there, i’m going to take a really close look.




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