Personally exploit Disney business wisdom

Personally exploit Disney business wisdom in your private life.


Take dates, milestones, anniversaries, launches, holidays, and so on.

That’s what i did yesterday, April Fools Day.

There’s a story around me being a fool to think i could write five daily, differently-themed blog posts for 100 consecutive days. My previous goal for 5-a-day writing was two consecutive days.

Yet accomplishing that goal would provide much needed writing practice to write my first book.

And part of the narrative is how two previous, “No, this time i really mean it” writing attempts failed miserably.

And then there’s retiring from Disney on Halloween so i could say, “After 30 years at Disney, it was really scary to leave.”

Also intentionally chose December 31 (the biggest drinking day in the world) over January 1st to quit drinking. By the way, that was also my third, “No this time i’m really going to quit.”

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Mid Life Celebration on You Tube

Mid Life Celebration.  It’s the antithesis of mid life crisis. Same thing, different outlook.

Attitude makes all the difference, doesn’t it?  Whether it’s personal or professional, attitude is a way to excel in anything.

jeff noel (that’s me), founder at Mid Life Celebration, was traveling through Columbia, South Carolina a few days ago and noticed this airport hallway billboard.

To be excellent once, or maybe twice, is a huge accomplishment. But to do it eight straight years, well, unbelievable.

But that’s exactly what Lexington Medical Center has done. Here’s the one-take-You Tube video with my commentary:

You know what watching this video does for me? It reminds me that attitude is everything and also that much can be gained by reinforcing simple principles like this. Ya with me?