The Movement

You In Or What?

No need to break in, just go through the door marked ‘harvest what you’ve sown’…

You do have a harvest, right? You’ve worked hard, planted big dreams, struggled, overcome.

Now, time for living a little larger, a little more free, with more purpose and joy.

We must convince our attitude, for success. You could squander and worry. But at this point in your life, aren’t you completely over it?

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Harvest What You’ve Sown

Florida Orange Groves take years to produce a crop…

Winter’s on the down side. Many places call it Spring Fever, and people go on Spring Break…to celebrate, have fun, to break from life’s burdens…

But in life, Winter is death. And death will come to us all.

And it’s what we do with our remaining years – starting this very day – that will signal our celebration, our break, our victory over burdens.

And it starts with the smallest of changes.

Who’s in?

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Humility (never enough)


The time to figure it out is before an emergency. Photo credit to Cheryl…

How many of us say, “If I knew then what I know now”.

It would have changed everything. Can you picture it? At the bar. The job interview. The big exam. The big game. In the boardroom. Nearly everything.

But we didn’t have ‘it then.

Now we’re (apparently) so much wiser and more experienced. And our little voice whispers, “Prove it!”

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Things I Learned Yesterday

jeff noel Blog SEO Tips

jeff noel, The Blog Whisperer, with some Blog SEO tips…

Much has been said about our apparent ability to ‘control’ our attitude. And I believe the secret is in the quality and quantity of our reading, studying, thinking and practicing.

I’ve personally found the quality of my thoughts is proportional to my efforts to focus on good, decent input and fanatical effort. Period.

And I’ve discovered that jeff noel blog SEO is also proportional to focused effort. In only a few short days, Google SEO has risen for jeff noel, jeff noll, jeffrey noel, Orlando Professional Speakers and Wellness Challenge.

Simply because I was willing to try and not worry about what people think.

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Everything Is Important

Yesterday’s Midlife News

Yesterday’s Mid Life Celebration post had a simple, key, repeatable message.

Mavericks take uncommon action, not to stand out, but to achieve more.

There’s more to life than titles, money, and not getting left behind, blah, blah, blah…

Wait, you still haven’t learned what success really is, have you?

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