What’s one of the biggest roadblocks to engaging trust with others?

It’s one that usually never surfaces and should be at the top of the list. It’s our own insecurity.

Insidiously, insecurity is fed by the media and worst of all, our friends. Our friends, trying to act in our best interests, sabotage a good thing.

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  1. Because our friends allow us to be insecure? Or because our friends don’t want to hurt our feelings? hmmm…. Can’t see this with dear friends — who are painfully honest and supportive with unconditional love.

  2. Dear friends are few and far between. And often far away.
    So the people taking their physical place, are people we don’t know as well.
    We see them almost daily, most likely even work with them.
    The proverbial American culture sort of as a dog eat dog rat race.
    Not many people truly have our best interests in mind.
    Cherish dear friends. You are richly blessed to have a few.

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