Timeless wisdom gets passed down because it’s compellingly accurate

Nick Vujicic and jeff noel
Nick Vujicic was in town last month speaking to West Orange High School about bullying.


Sage advice passed down from generation to generation:

We can be angry for what we don’t have or be thankful for what we do have.

Is this the one simple idea that determines our lifetime attitude, positive or negative?

Nick Vujicic, above, was born without any limbs.

He’s my go-to person when i need a tough reminder that my excuses are invalid.

One hundred days ago we had a chance meeting at Axum’s Coffee in Winter Garden, Florida.

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White Eagle

And how, you ask, are we to walk the spiritual path? We answer: say little, and love much; give all; judge no man; aspire to all that is pure and good“. — White Eagle

Make it a great Mid-Life day. It’s our attitude and our choice. Always is and always will be. It’s the one thing we do have control over.

PS. No one ever promised it would be easy. When I start feeling like my path is hard, I think of, or click on, Nick Vujicic.

Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂