Do we spend too much time in Tomorrowland?

Disney World's Space Mountain
From this morning’s run…passing the real Tomorrowland.


Do we spend too much time in Tomorrowland?

We make a lifetime habit of going after the easy stuff on our to do lists.

We’ll get to the hard stuff, “Tomorrow”.

Our long-term dreams are so easy to postpone because tomorrow always sounds promising.

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  1. Love this title. Got me thinking about the “box” we put the elderly in by focusing on their past. Asking about the good old days. How often do we ask them about their hopes and dreams. Do we assume they have none? Hummm.

  2. Donna, a classic “Because it’s always been done like this”….it’s difficult and risky to ask (and take action on) one simple question, “What if…?”

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