Domino Project Voting

Came home from work yesterday to find a fun Facebook update, with 3 cool things:

  1. Contest for Initiators
  2. Deadline = 5pm Today, March 23
  3. Chance to be featured in a Kindle eBook, by Seth Godin

jeff noel has written 3,800 posts to encourage, inspire and challenge you.

He’s in Seth Godin’s Domino Project Contest. If you’d care to vote for him, click here.

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Always On The Lower Left, Click "Blog"
Always On The Lower Left, Click "Blog"

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But You’re The Internet’s Only…

One Of Florida's Nicest State Parks
One Of Florida's Nicest State Parks

The young children in your life are watching you. And you are making an impression they can actually articulate.

Ever have this happen to you?

On the weekend Cub Scout camping trip, I chose not to blog for two days.

So Saturday morning, when I reminded Chapin (10) I wasn’t blogging, he said, “But you’re the Internet’s only five-a-day blogger”!

Yes, and after 18 months of 7-days-a-week writing five daily blogs, the time has come to reclaim some life-balance.

Do you think he’ll notice?

Do you think the young people in your life notice?

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56 More Days

Bummer, Eh?
Bummer, Eh?

Happy Monday everyone. Hope your weekend was good. There is much worry and trouble in the world.

Let us do today what we can to make ourselves and those around us happy.

In 56 days, on October 17, these five different, daily blogs I write will reach a grand total 3,000 posts.

This five-a-day blogging began all because our son questioned why his 2nd grade teacher wanted him to read out loud 20 minutes each night.

And the five topics (blogs) were created so a Father could have a simple way to teach his son about life.

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