Bet You Don’t Know This

Breaking news?

Mid Life Celebration’s founder and CEO, jeff noel, has a two-part ‘crazy’ vision:

  1. Challenge Male* Baby Boomers to do something Great before they die
  2. Drive personal responsibility for Life’s Big Choices into education reform, starting in pre-school

Bet you didn’t know this.

* Note, it goes far beyond this demographic

Domino Project Voting

Came home from work yesterday to find a fun Facebook update, with 3 cool things:

  1. Contest for Initiators
  2. Deadline = 5pm Today, March 23
  3. Chance to be featured in a Kindle eBook, by Seth Godin

jeff noel has written 3,800 posts to encourage, inspire and challenge you.

He’s in Seth Godin’s Domino Project Contest. If you’d care to vote for him, click here.

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