56 More Days

Bummer, Eh?
Bummer, Eh?

Happy Monday everyone. Hope your weekend was good. There is much worry and trouble in the world.

Let us do today what we can to make ourselves and those around us happy.

In 56 days, on October 17, these five different, daily blogs I write will reach a grand total 3,000 posts.

This five-a-day blogging began all because our son questioned why his 2nd grade teacher wanted him to read out loud 20 minutes each night.

And the five topics (blogs) were created so a Father could have a simple way to teach his son about life.

Lane 8

Mid Life Celebration Is When…

Daily Bear Hugs Are Under-Rated
Daily Bear Hugs Are Under-Rated

What are the joyous moments in your day to day routine?

Do you have them?

Are you conscious of them as they happen?

Are you willing to work for them?

Is it worth the effort?

Do you have any idea what I’m talking about?

Every Monday for the past four years after school, on the way home, our son (9) and I stop at Twistee Treat for ice cream.

But before we get in the car at the school parking lot, we do our daily bear hug.

Mid Life Celebration is when…

Weekly Tradition
Weekly Tradition

No Writer’s Block Here

Metaphorically Speaking
Metaphorically Speaking

In fact, quite the opposite. So much happens in one single day that inspires, entertains, or challenges me that it seems like there’s always more to say than can be said.

Do you feel like that?

If you do, why do you think it’s so?

If you don’t, why do you think it’s not so?

Do we really have a choice, or is it not under our control?