Encouragement, challenge, accountability

Disney executive speakers
To say i have a treasure trove of Disney insight, history, and insider knowledge is such an understatement. Erin Wallace replaced Lee Cockerell when Lee retired on July 28, 2006. Erin’s soundbite for the Disney Leader Basics was Know, Manage, Teach.

Encouragement, challenge, accountability.

The attitude and expectations you focus on help attract the actual results you see.

Jody knew and still knows, i’m nervous about podcasting.

It’s new for me.

i’m especially inexperienced.

Jody and i are also new at working together.

Jody Maberry and i recorded the first If Disney Ran Your Life podcast yesterday.

Like anything you are inexperienced at, you immediately think about ways to improve next time, and not only immediately after, but in the days and even hours before you do something…

Prior to the podcast, i was brainstorming marketing soundbites. Content summaries to insert in the podcast.


Soundbites help solve for, “What’s in it for me if i listen?”


Encouragement, challenge, accountability.

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Humanity’s cardinal sin #1

Family room television
How do you judge your Television and social media consumption?



Humanity’s cardinal sin #1…

We judge ourselves on our intentions.

Others judge us on our behaviors.


What if i judged myself like everyone else judges me?

And before you go pointing fingers, “Oh yeah, Jeff should take his own advice.”, evaluate yourself with the same critical eye as you do me.

If that self-evaluation doesn’t humble you, repeat the process until it does.

It’s a human condition so none of us should feel guilty in the discovery.

Guilt should be owned only if we do nothing with the revelation.

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The chain of excellence i used at Disney for 30 years

Birds on a wire
Yesterday morning on my street.


Today’s five posts represent a Chain of Excellence that i used – for 30 years at Walt Disney World – to be an effective leader. Leadership drives the employee experience and the employees judge their leader’s trustworthiness on what they see their leaders do, not what they hear their leaders say.

Action vs Intent

Design vs Default

Inch vs Mile

Definitely vs Likely

In vs Out


Maybe tomorrow i’ll dive deeper. Depends on what happens today.




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Quit being afraid

Residential meets commercial street
The start of another fearful day and playing it safe?


Quit being afraid.

Let’s not spend too much precious time on what we are afraid of and why we are afraid.

Resist the overwhelming temptation to go down the path of figuring out what we are afraid of. Instead, become clear on what we will gain when we no longer lead our day with fear.

Being crystal clear on what we gain from destroying fear is profoundly more effective than being intimate with what we are afraid of.

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