Fun is in the mental freedom

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(photo: Store front window display at upscale mall.)

Hanukkah began yesterday. Six days until Milad un Nabi. One week until Christmas. Eight days until Kwanza.

Fun is in the mental freedom.

To work for years – a lifetime really – to create an unquenchable and habitually positive attitude is to enjoy the fun in the freedom and immunity from negative thoughts, people, messages.

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Have Fun And Blog In Crazy Ways

Yesterday was The 2012 Disney World 1/2 marathon. Chapin and I visited Magic Kingdom.

Yesterday a Facebook fan page I follow for Central Florida Bloggers asked , “What are your blogging resolutions this year?” To which I replied have fun and experiment in crazy ways.

So today is day eight into the blogging 90 days ahead experiment. Fun! You’re still having fun with your 2012 goals….right?

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Why Yes, Something Did Drop

We Live 3 Miles Away
We Live 3 Miles Away

Blogging is so much fun! But for some it feels like work. And for others, the day doesn’t arrive soon enough to get started.

Did you catch what I dropped yesterday?

It’s fun to help people think for themselves and to be a source of authenticity in a world diametrically opposed to it.

It’s also fun to see if people are paying attention.

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December Dedicated to Joy

November was dedicated to Thankfulness, and now December is dedicated, mostly, to Joy.

There are several types of Joy.

There’s Joy in your Spirit, in knowing you have a Creator that loves you beyond measure.

Joy in daily living, perhaps the “fun factor”, sort of like happiness, and laughter.

And also Joy in being unselfish, in serving others.

Finally, I believe there is Joy in knowing you are living your best life, with a moral integrity that leaves you humbled by what you’ve overcome.

It’s a Joy, to dedicate December to the concept  of Joy.  You may have a different perspective on Joy.  The fact that we are free to express, and think for, ourselves should bring us Joy.

One thing for sure, I’m especially thankful for Mid Life Joy!  🙂

The Real Problem With Leisure?

“The real problem of your leisure is how to keep other people from using it”.Anonymous

Ain’t it the truth? Most of it is our own fault though. It is for me anyway.

Always trying to do better.  Always trying to please others.  Never satisfied with the status quo. Over-achiever. Workaholic. Can’t say no.  The list goes on and on.

Here’s another truth, that no one wants to admit. We control our choices.  Not the outcomes, but our choices.

While the outcomes are in the hands of a power we can’t begin to imagine, our choices are not.  Our choices are ours.

You’d think we would have this figured out by mid life.  Why is this so difficult to remember?