Should we start talking about our funerals?

tools for communication
Great communication tools. Photo of notes from a webinar i listened to yesterday. It seems these four tactics would make eulogies better, especially if the future holds many.


Should we start talking about our funerals?

With our families?

With our lifelong school friends?

With our closest work friends?

What if we did start talking about it?

What if we never do?


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Maybe tomorrow I’ll have the courage, and diplomacy, to share this

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wasn’t fully awake when I read the email


Dear Boomers (and Dear Son), less than an hour ago, read a devastating email from a friend.

Her husband unexpectedly passed away yesterday.

The woman who’s Family attended our Son’s birthday parties for the past decade, and vice versa. Who’s age is near ours.

Mike’s funeral is tomorrow.

Completely blindsided would be the understatement of the decade.

The five blogs I write everyday revolve around the notion that aging is a privilege, not a guarantee.

We can embrace life, and death, as magnificent gifts from a loving Creator, and live our days with joy, passion, and deep, deep gratitude.

So grateful to have known Mike for more than a decade.

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Planet Walk And Run Videos

From time to time, Mid Life Celebration will promote something, in this case, our son’s classmate’s Mom, Stacey Norton. Stacey has a website and business designed to use music to help kids be active. Here’s a sample from her website:

Stacey’s developed a series of exercise routines for elementary-aged kids complete with scripts and music. She is interested in producing full-length videos and is looking for anyone interested in helping to fund a potentially game-changing way we engage children in exercise.

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Got Thanks?

Was gonna continuing posting about Father Son traditions, but last night read a relative’s email that challenged her Facebook friends:

“Every day until Thanksgiving, think of one thing that you are thankful for and post it under your status. The longer you do it, the harder it gets! If you think you can do it, repost this message as your status to invite others to the challenge:)”

Her challenge is very interesting and compels me to ask: “Can you do it? Can you write a weeks’ worth (seven) of things you are thankful for?”

Maybe you can. Hopefully you can.  But will you?

Because if you will start right now, and go through Thanksgiving, how cool would that be?  And then, do one more step – never stop.