Why did i fail so predictably in the past?

Rainy, cold night in Bethlehem, PA
From the rear driver’s side window, returning to Senior Living Facility from a party. i could see clearly, but the iPhone lens saw it differently.


Why did i fail so predictably in the past? And why i no longer do.

  1. Wasn’t willing to fight like hell for it
  2. Denied, unintentionally, that i was more comfortable not changing
  3. Didn’t feel guilty in failing because so many others failed too
  4. Subconsciously was afraid of what i’d have to commit to if i succeeded

The awakening came when i became a teacher and i saw so many teachers who only preached what should be done, but were too weak to practice it themselves.

i became disgusted with living a lie.

And that was the catalyst that changed everything.

It really comes down to overcoming the victim mentality, which proliferates and justifies excuses – it literally is like being a blind man and then, miraculously, having your eyesight restored.




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