Dear Readers

How often do you think about improving things? Considering that the road to excellence has no finish line, this ought to be all day, everyday. My “work pedigree” insists every employee aim for perfection and settle for excellence. “Dear Readers” was a brainstormed theme for writing these 5 blogs, but “Dear Son” & “Authenticity” won […]

Show Me The Money

Some simple numbers to show the possibilities when giving up isn’t an option, and neither is dreaming small dreams. 30,000+:  Number of Monthly Visits Five:  Number of Daily blogs written 200:  jeffnoelmidlife You Tubes uploaded, in past 8 months Hundreds of thousands of Monthly Page Views First:  Google Page display for all five blogs Last: […]

Idea Virus MLC-1N1

Notice the date in this picture? It’s today, January 16, 2009. So? OK, good morning world.  How do you start your day?  Same way every time, or each day different? Is it a chore?  Are you anxious or worried about all that will be expected of you? Is it exciting?  An adventure in which you […]


Simplicity is an elusive goal sometimes. Ok, simplicity is elusive most of the time. But so are a lot of things that are important.  Should that stop us from our pursuit? There is only one, resounding answer to this question. And maybe by tomorrow I’ll have my movie soundtrack song(s) to share with the world. […]

Lexington Medical Center Excellence

A few days ago I posted a one-take-You Tube video while passing through the Columbia, South Carolina airport. Lexington Medical Center’s unbelievable track record of excellence caught my eye. Well, they are even more amazing than we first thought. They’ve actually been rated number one for ten years, not eight. They even have their own […]