Disney Leadership Excellence summary

Disney Leadership Excellence summary:


Leadership Excellence:


Why would any employee do anything extra if they are paid the same whether they do extra or not?

This is the million-dollar problem virtually every leader fails to overcome. The customer feels it. Jeff tackles this, and much more…

Program Overview:

Vision | Involvement | Accountability | Commitment

Greatness starts with a clear, concise, and compelling vision. No one can recite your company’s vision statement without reading it. And chances are, they’re not sure where to find a copy. So how are you going to get them all on the same page? That’s where involvement comes in. You can’t make anyone do anything, but you can inspire them to move mountains, and that’s Jeff’s specialty. It starts with a difficult conversation with yourself, and getting crystal clear, so that you can pass that clarity all the way to your front line. It’s not going to be easy, and it’s going to take commitment from you, from everyone. But the end result is a cohesive, “on the same page,” unit with one goal and one vision – yours.




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