Disney Leadership Excellence summary

Disney Leadership Excellence summary:


Leadership Excellence:

What if all your employees couldn’t wait to get to work everyday? What if they thrived on doing more than you pay them to do? What if they exuded remarkable energy and enthusiasm for wowing the people you serve? What if your organization was famous, legendary even, for consistently delivering exceptional service and shareholder value.

This is the million-dollar opportunity that seems impossible today or tomorrow, right? But what about in your future? Jeff tackles this challenge, and many more…

Program Overview:

Vision | Involvement | Accountability | Commitment


“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”  – Walt Disney


Every so often someone comes along with a game-changing idea. Jeff Noel is one of those people.

You’re busy. Really busy. Borderline overwhelmed. This is the world leaders live in today. The harsh reality is that it’s all we can do to manage today’s workload. And when we think about how to move our organization forward, it does feel overwhelming.

What if there was a blueprint for a simple, profound, leadership architecture that could transform the way you think and engage as a leadership organization?


What if you could receive your greatest corporate gift ever? Something no one’s ever offered your company. Something so compelling and so fundamental it’s been overlooked because of it’s simplicity. World-class organizational leadership architecture that’s been deconstructed to the DNA level – and offered in a tangible blueprint.

Still sound impossible?

You’ve dedicated your life to being a great leader and moving your organization forward the past decade. You do amazing things yet you wonder what’s missing to improve your company, and dramatically elevate the success of your entire organization.

Google “Leadership” and you’ll see at least 798,000,000 results.

If you want to understand the DNA and benchmark with the business wisdom from the world’s fifth most admired company, Disney, it’s as simple as having the first conversation.




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