Do you let truth scare or inspire?

Disney Institute speakers
Madison Square Garden Theater, Disney Institute team that delivered Customer Service training for all the game day staff for Super Bowl 48.

Do you let truth scare or inspire?

For example…

To learn from experience you must have different experiences.

But doing things we’ve never done before can be scary.


Doing things we’ve never done before can be exciting.

Moving forward and growing often come with detours and growing pains.

These are gifts to diversify your experiences, which in turn grow your confidence.

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Disney Leadership Book

3 Leadership Excellence questions

Should these go on the landing page?

3 Leadership Excellence questions:

  1. My vision is clear, concise, and compelling?
  2. No one is more inspired about the vision than me?
  3. i communicate my vision every day, all day?




On April Fool’s Day 2009, jeff noel began writing five daily, differently-themed blogs (on five different sites). It was to be a 100-day self-imposed “writer’s bootcamp”, in preparation for writing his first book. He hasn’t missed a single day since.


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About Mid Life Celebration

Thanks to double inguinal hernia repair surgery, a midlife revelation

Motivational quote on being an expert
Wisdom comes from experience and experience comes from making mistakes


Thanks to double inguinal hernia repair surgery, a midlife revelation.

An important new direction and in many ways, the beginning

Mid Life Celebration began 30-something years ago simply as a dream of writing a book to my children about life’s important elements – to help save them time and heartache so they could move on to success, faster, and with more joy.

But then life happened.





The first or second worst economic crisis in the past 100 years.

We finally get to the place from which we long ago began, and now finally recognize it for the first time.

Without four days bed rest, and stillness, I would not be writing this this way.

And feel like I’m ready to begin, but this time with an ally I didn’t have: 4.5 years of entrepreneurial experience.

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Random (feeling lucky?)

Your midlife milage may vary

Engine on display at 2013 Chicago Auto Show
What keeps our motor runnin’?


Midlife. Wisdom. Experience.

Your milage may vary.

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Never let them see us sweat when we’re paying our luxury tax

Teenage chalk street message
Luxury tax is a price we are willing to pay, above the normal price, to move forward


Never let them see us sweat, right? Everyone sweats stuff. Small stuff. Big stuff. None of us is immune.

Know one of the things that really helps?

Being decisive.

This is difficult because of what we could lose or leave on the table.

What helps is factoring in the luxury tax. This is the price we pay extra, for the luxury of moving forward.

The tax is usually paid with money or time, above and beyond what is usual and customary.

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