Wisdom and excellence are friends, not family

Aristotle quote about excellence and habits
Yesterday morning.


Wisdom is doing today what won’t make a difference until later.

Wisdom is also leaving undone that which doesn’t matter, even when it seems so.

Excellence at something that isn’t your highest calling isn’t wisdom.

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Life Transition (Dec 2014)

She said, he said

Lone Star College


(photo: So many people have incredibly inspiring dreams for a great life… get ready to work your butt off, right?)

Went into the day yesterday on a mission – to gently, yet directly, rattle the cage of every person in the audience.

A snippet when it was over…

Her: That was a kick ass presentation.

Him: What?

Her: I’m trying not to be ordinary in describing how much today meant to me.

Him: Smiling, said nothing.

She had learned, and was now practicing, the whole point of the day.

Lead differently.

No bull crap…. bullseye.

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About Mid Life Celebration

Mid Life Celebration is a chip off of this old block

jeff noel's early website and blogs
Began Disney career as jungle jeff January 25, 1982


Mid Life Celebration is a chip off of this old block – a man with a famous mouse.

Have intentionally avoided mentioning that on Mid Life Celebration’s posts that I work full time at one of the most admired companies in the world – and have for three decades.

Why remain silent?

Don’t really know why.

It surely isn’t a secret.

The Internet has ensured there are no secrets – about anything.

A man named Walt always felt the bar for excellence was never high enough, and nothing was impossible.

Insight: We should pay attention, there is always a lesson to be learned. And rarely are the lessons handed to us on a silver platter. And some lessons are game changers.

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Authenticity (New Currency)

So What Did jeff noel Do With This Insight?

jeff noel Thought "What If" You Applied Walt Disney's Business Practices To Running

One of life’s greatest mysteries: common sense is rarely common practice. This was one of Walt Disney’s secret weapons against his competitors. Walt Disney instilled in his associates a relentless focus on the basics and the never-ending discipline to not get bored with business basics.

noel began running only 100 meters per day. It was months before he was running several miles a day. What enabled noel to manage his high cholesterol was finding creative ways to stay motivated when the inevitable boredom and desire to quit would come. And it always does.

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Authenticity (New Currency)

jeff noel, Please Give Your Audience An Example Of How You Applied Disney Excellence To Midlife?

How Does One Stay At The Top Of Their Game For A Lifetime?

Dear Boomer friends, we all know the unfair surprising number of health related challenges midlife brings. High cholesterol struck jeff noel 12 years ago, and with a family history of heart disease, noel needed to refocus on excellent diet and exercise habits.

Diet and exercise gurus teach the “how to” diet, “how to” exercise – this is good. But health gurus, for whatever reason, neglect the critical success factor that noel preaches at Lane 8 – getting healthy is one thing, staying there is a lifetime event.

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