So What Did jeff noel Do With This Insight?

One of life’s greatest mysteries: common sense is rarely common practice. This was one of Walt Disney’s secret weapons against his competitors. Walt Disney instilled in his associates a relentless focus on the basics and the never-ending discipline to not get bored with business basics. noel began running only 100 meters per day. It was […]

jeff noel, Please Give Your Audience An Example Of How You Applied Disney Excellence To Midlife?

Dear Boomer friends, we all know the unfair surprising number of health related challenges midlife brings. High cholesterol struck jeff noel 12 years ago, and with a family history of heart disease, noel needed to refocus on excellent diet and exercise habits. Diet and exercise gurus teach the “how to” diet, “how to” exercise – […]

What Happens To Your Personal Culture When You Refuse To Settle For Less?

Culture is what people think and do without thinking. Disney Cast are taught from day one (even earlier actually) that excellence is the only acceptable standard. Boomers, if you’ve never worked or lived in this type of environment, it may be challenging to understand or comprehend. Next Blog

Boomers, Stay With jeff noel On This (Disney) Train Of Thought

In the three years since jeff noel began blogging at Mid Life Celebration, he’s written virtually nothing about his long career. This has been by design. noel has waited patiently for social media to become not only widely accepted (like microwave ovens and cell phones) and professionally accepted as a social norm, but also accepted […]