It’s a saying for a reason

East Glacier from ridge
From this high ridge, looking west, you can see St Mary Lake and Two Dog Flats.


East Glacier from ridge
Zooming in and still looking west from high ridge. Rising Sun is located in the very center.


Two Medicine area
Two Medicine area.


Two Medicine Campground
Two Medicine Campground. Rare glimpse of photographer lower right.


The early bird gets the worm. You can get a lot done early before most people wake up. While others are crawling out of bed, you can be on the road to adventure. This applies to life, not just a conference.


PS. 08.04 Thursday Leave @ 730am for Two Medicine…no dining available so we drove to East Glacier and the Glacier Park Lodge but they stopped breakfast at 10am and no lunch until 1130am, so we took Hwy 2 to Apgar and ate at Eddie’s, shopped. Hiked Hidden Lake trail. Dinner at Logan Pass of chips & salsa and cheese & crackers. Bear hunting at Two Dog Flats and saw about 30 elk at 815pm. Desserts at Rising Sun.




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On April Fool’s Day 2009, jeff noel began writing five daily, differently-themed blogs (on five different sites). It was to be a 100-day self-imposed “writer’s bootcamp”, in preparation for writing his first book. He hasn’t missed a single day since.


Self Control (Impossible?)

The rhythm of a regular bedtime

iPhone calculator app screen shot
Today is the 2,558th consecutive day of writing five differently-themed blogs.


The rhythm of a regular bedtime is the foundation of self-discipline. What time we went to bed last night directly impacts how we felt waking up this morning.

And how we wake up drives how our morning goes, and our morning impacts the rest of the day. This is so painfully obvious that it’s almost embarrassing to write about.

Trust me, i’m fully aware of life’s unpredictability. But we can’t use fear (reality) of the “unexpected” to give us permission to not stay focused, and control what we can control. And we can control when we go to bed.

Saying we can’t is lying, in my opinion.

Imagine going to bed at relatively the same time for 2,557 days (nearly seven years) – how would that change things?

PS. Trust me, sometimes the only way i can get all the work done is to sacrifice sleep. The point here is that there are exceptions to every rule. And that we should never allow our occasional exceptions to become the standard.




This website is about our mental attitude. To leave this site to read today’s post on my physical health website, click here.

This Is Just For Me

The burden of a creative mind

Disney Star Wars toy
Two days ago at a friend’s house.


The burden of a creative mind is that while creativity is an asset, people with an abundance of creativity have a challenging time making sense out of others who’s unfocused and undisciplined efforts and attitudes seem blatantly inappropriate.

Same thing happens with creative companies, like Disney.

To people and companies that live in this creative space, anyone else who doesn’t focus and discipline themselves to the obvious, well, they seem like hypocrites.

The obvious, by the way, is to over-focus on the same things others under-focus on or ignore.

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It's All We Have

The self discipline of daily, monotonous life

Apple Magic Mouse box
Like this Magic Mouse, life has five basic functions – think, move, feel, work, dwell.


The self discipline of daily, monotonous life.

It’s all we have.

If we don’t master it, it’s still all we have.

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Life Transition (Dec 2014)

Best to live with a very low degree of intentionally?

Fidelity Investment screen shot


(photo: Long term, stocks historically outperform everything else… the luck of timing increases over time)

The things we did yesterday, those we do today and tomorrow – these are the very things that affect our future options.

Same goes with the things we leave undone.

We know this.

Yet we live with a very low degree of intentionally.


Because it’s uncomfortable to be focused? To be disciplined?

For example, in two days Apple is making an announcement, probably the new iPhone reveal.

How cool is it that a product unveiling could become an amazingly exciting event? One in which many in the world become giddy.

Is anything in our life worthy of a big, highly anticipated announcement?

Anything in our life worthy of giddiness?

What if it were?

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PS. An announcement is forthcoming here. Stay tuned. No specific timeline though. It could be days. Maybe months. But no more than that.