Discipline is essential, but it’s not the key

Good news bad news
The good news is “you’re good”. The bad new is, “you’re good.”


Discipline is essential, but it’s not the key.


Here it is unpacked…


Yesterday morning the coach said, “You know what i’m insanely great at?”

The CEO asked, “What?”

“Discipline”, the coach exclaimed.

The CEO laughed and said, “Absolutely.”

Much later that day, as i crawled into bed i thought, “It isn’t discipline that’s the key, it’s vision.”

If you have a vision that’s clear, concise, and compelling and lights your fire, you’ll fnd a way.

When your vision is as powerful as your next breath, you’ll develop the discipline you need.

This then becomes a skill you can scale as you grow in your roles and responsibilities.


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