The rhythm of a regular bedtime

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Today is the 2,558th consecutive day of writing five differently-themed blogs.


The rhythm of a regular bedtime is the foundation of self-discipline. What time we went to bed last night directly impacts how we felt waking up this morning.

And how we wake up drives how our morning goes, and our morning impacts the rest of the day. This is so painfully obvious that it’s almost embarrassing to write about.

Trust me, i’m fully aware of life’s unpredictability. But we can’t use fear (reality) of the “unexpected” to give us permission to not stay focused, and control what we can control. And we can control when we go to bed.

Saying we can’t is lying, in my opinion.

Imagine going to bed at relatively the same time for 2,557 days (nearly seven years) – how would that change things?

PS. Trust me, sometimes the only way i can get all the work done is to sacrifice sleep. The point here is that there are exceptions to every rule. And that we should never allow our occasional exceptions to become the standard.




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