Tis the business deal season

What’s in the box?

Today’s five (short and pithy?) riffs revolve around a business deal.

Think of the biggest deal you’ve ever made and then image it compounded by being exceptionally bigger.

Two days ago, i was ready to walk away.

Too much stress.

Too little perceived trust.

Not enough perceived commitment from the buyer.

Not enough fun for me.

Yet enough potential to change an industry.

It was the serendipitous breakfast conversation that illuminated a new way of thinking about the mess challenge.

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Dear Executive, i owe you a sentence

Disney Customer Service speaker jeff noel
Is your culture worth defending? How many others besides you feel that way?


Dear Executive, i owe you a sentence.

Working hard for seven consecutive days to reduce a volume of information into one sentence.


She wants two options for next steps.

i could go on and on.



Because i must practice what i preach and i only preach what i practice.

i preach simplicity, focus, discipline, and intentionality.


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How many miracles does each human get?

KOHLS 2015 National Conference
KOHL’S 2015 National Conference about to kickoff.


We get a few, plus or minus one handful, of miracles in life.

Today doesn’t equate to:

  1. Being born
  2. Being American
  3. Surviving two potentially deadly car accidents.
  4. Marrying Cheryl
  5. Finding land behind Magic Kingdom
  6. Overcoming disability and becoming a parent

But today does equate to a close second. And is simply this. Today is Mid Life Celebration’s first paid speaking engagement. The client paid the entire asking price – the same price Disney Institute can ask for.

Another close second is years ago entirely by serendipity, Lee Cockerell and i began a trusted friendship.

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