How many miracles does each human get?

KOHLS 2015 National Conference
KOHL’S 2015 National Conference about to kickoff.


We get a few, plus or minus one handful, of miracles in life.

Today doesn’t equate to:

  1. Being born
  2. Being American
  3. Surviving two potentially deadly car accidents.
  4. Marrying Cheryl
  5. Finding land behind Magic Kingdom
  6. Overcoming disability and becoming a parent

But today does equate to a close second. And is simply this. Today is Mid Life Celebration’s first paid speaking engagement. The client paid the entire asking price – the same price Disney Institute can ask for.

Another close second is years ago entirely by serendipity, Lee Cockerell and i began a trusted friendship.

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  1. A miracle, is it a spontaneous event that comes out of far left field? Or is it sought, planned for and worked hard for? I would say your first paid speaking gig did not fall from the sky unannounced or unanticipated. I’m so delighted to hear about the fruits of your effort. Amazing example for the rest of us to observe and then implement. Dream on. Work towards the dream.

  2. Thanks Patty. Of course you know it happened 100 days ago. 🙂
    Second engagement is Thursday.
    Third is in three weeks.
    There are 20 other leads in various stages.
    Luck favors the prepared.
    Thanks for your support.

  3. I must say, this has been an enjoyable journey. Thank you so much for taking us with you.

  4. Donna, you’re welcome. It would be a lonely journey without people like you. Thank you for riding along. As in everyday. That’s remarkable.

  5. Well done on your positioning. Meg and I were just talking about this, the other day, in terms of folk artists and the quantity of product they’re able to produce vs charge.

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