There is midlife magic in not being afraid to be ordinary

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Me? Famous authenticity, but not even remotely famous for writing/organizing a book


There is midlife magic in not being afraid to be ordinary. Like this…

Two people besides myself have read Mid Life Celebration, the book.

Neither raved.

Polite comments, but no wow.

This is quite the opposite when I read it.

It completely inspires me.


It’s two against one.

Should I give up?

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  1. Jeff,

    A lot of things come at us not by how it is read in an of itself, but by how our preconceived notions are about it beforehand. People look at the size of a book and maybe will say, “How can something profound be in such a small book?” I have heard people say that about Seth Godin’s books. Then they read it and go, “WOW!” Some skim a book and see some pages with little information on them, like Tom Peter’s books do sometimes, and go, “He’s just trying to increase page numbers without much content.” Then they realize it is done for emphasis of a key idea and go, “WOW!” Then there are those who seek to be inspired when they read a book, and when they do, are!

    Bottom line – perceptions can be disproven or reinforced! I went into it looking to be inspired, AND AM!

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. Bob, Happiest of Thanksgivings.

    So many blessings.

    Inspiration to change is one of life’s greatest blessings.

    We are born innocent, and then become distracted, entertained, and medicated by listening to the world around us say it’s acceptable to live this way. And a lot of money is being made from it. Enough money to quiet anyone asking tough questions.

    We know it’s a dead end, but do nothing, because we are afraid.

    As you have read in the book, the only person we need permission from to change is the one in our mirror. Rich or poor, it doesn’t matter.

    And it has always been so.

    Finally believing it and acting on it is worthy of the grandest celebration.

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