Speaking of speaking to people

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Speaking of speaking to people, this morning’s keynote is about brand loyalty. The six stages of brand loyalty are a common sense approach for evaluating your brand equity and understanding your strengths and analyzing were to grow your equity. We are all striving for one thing above all others.

An emotional connection.

Emotion trumps everything else when it comes to brand loyalty.

And there are many intentional things that can drive an emotional connection. But do we understand them and focus intently on connecting the dots?

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A simple explanation why we are not who we say we are

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Yesterday, today, tomorrow – pick one to live in


We are what we do today, not what we say we’ll do tomorrow.

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One Question A Day?


What is a “reputation”?

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Yesterday’s answer: One with each person you know.

About Mid Life Celebration

Mid Life Celebration’s Essence

Mid Life Celebration

Mid Life Celebration’s essence is here, and parallels what others say.

Pursue something so important that even if you fail, the world is better off with you having tried.  – Tim O’Reilly

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Joy In Your Spirit

Wisdom Confidence Courage Joy

A Word Is Worth A Thousand Pictures
A Word Is Worth A Thousand Pictures

Do you have words that fill you with Joy?  Words that inspire you? Words that instantly create positive images in your mind?

Four favorites are in the Mid Life Celebration blog post title here – wisdom, confidence, courage, joy.

Do those do anything for you?  How about these:

  • Faith, Hope, Love
  • Peace, Harmony, Balance
  • Creativity, Innovation, Change
  • Laughter, Humor, Bliss
  • Hunger, Desire, Passion
  • Determination, Tenacity
  • Vision, Mission, Brand
  • Social Media, Blogs, Facebook
  • Mind, Body, Spirit, Money

Words. So many good ones. So much meaning.

Mid Life Crisis and Mid Life Celebration. Ya with me?