What makes a blog abnormal?

Disney Customer Service Speaker jeff noel
Two weeks ago, for posterity.


Have you ever been accused of being weird?

This blog isn’t normal.


Because this blog is the first of five daily blogs and is a gateway to four other blogs, each one interconnected horizontally.

This is difficult for people to understand.


Because no one does it this way.

This one is about mind and it connects to body, which connects to spirit, which connects to work life, which connects to home life.

Scrolling vertically, which is our normal behavior, will allow you to read this blog chronologically.

But here’s the unique feature embedded at the end of each individual post. It looks like this:

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When a person navigates vertically (scrolling down) there’s never a need to click on the hyperlinked and bolded word Blog.

But here’s how that unique ‘thing’ comes to life – you click on the bolded, hyperlinked word and you automatically navigate horizontally.

Try it…

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