It’s easier to quit when we are disappointed

Disneyland room headboard and hidden Mickey


(Photo: Disneyland Hotel room headboard. A nightlight built in. Along with a “hidden Mickey”.)

When it comes to shaping our attitude, the long way is the short cut.

Take this blog (and the other four Mid Life Celebration blogs) for example.

Many bloggers begin writing because they believe:

“If you build it write it they will come”.

Everyone who’s ever blogged knows this is a lie.

The bloggers who continue to write (in spite of the lie) well past a reasonable amount of time discover something.

It’s not an audience we write for, we write for ourselves. Because we need the writing. For ourselves.

A writer, probably, will stop writing when she no longer needs it.

You’ll be the first to know.

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Don’t confuse the two beliefs

Disney Parade float images
Disney Parade float images


Believe one way or the other.

Being able to do anything and being able to do more than you think you’re able to do is not the same.

It may very well be true “you can’t do anything you set your mind to”.

It may also be true “you are capable of so much more than you believe”.

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Believing in nothing is as dangerous as believing

Midlife Celebration banner


(photo: Cleaning the office closet last night… resurrecting the launch materials)

Believing in nothing is as dangerous as believing.

Who’s right?

The non-believer or the believer?

Who has full authority and final say?

Live and let live.


Either believe in being positive all the time or not.

Learn to love your beliefs and learn to trust them explicitly.

Leaving room for doubt is as dangerous as leaving none.

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