Prepare to have your mind blown about these four things

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You can observe a lot simply by watching a lot


By the way, the book is 130 pages. Can be read in about an hour. Most likely will stay with you forever.

Go to Amazon, type jeff noel. Order. Pepare to have your mind blown about:

  • excuses
  • regrets
  • second chances
  • permission

Being unhappy with the way most of the world wants us to live our life is a great first sign.

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Two really weird things about the final week of this 34-year book journey

Amazon auto message for Mid Life Celebration delivery date
Placed order Nov 21… expected delivery is 5-7 weeks later.


Two more days until Mid Life Celebration’s official announcement.

Two really weird things about the final week of this 34-year journey:

  1. The coolness of being completely done, well ahead of the Christmas goal.
  2. How insanely crazy it is on the back end to coordinate all the moving parts, and manage the pressure

Surreal. Knowing all this, and not telling a soul.

In the craziest of thoughts, it’s like a prisoner must feel just two days away from being set free, after a lifetime of living in captivity.


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A short, pithy read on discovering the second most magnificent day in your life.

Mid Life Celebration the book, on Amazon
November 22, 2013… purchased a copy one week before public announcement


This book was written to inspire the reader, probably in midlife, to use their hard-hitting wakeup call(s) to finally, truly, change things moving forward.

To:  rethink • reprioritize • recommit

The new world order for midlife crisis is spending our life chasing our dreams and finally getting there, more or less. But in looking around, we think, “This isn’t what I wanted!”

This revelation (and profoundly simple solution) came about from a late blooming dad’s attempt to leave a trail for his young child in case something bad ever happened, leading to a radical new discovery for life balance.

When the author finally woke up and realized he was not going to live forever, he became inspired by his long list of excuses, regrets, second chances, and ultimately, his discovery of who grants each of us permission to change.

The overarching themes of this book are personal responsibility, balance, and second chances.

Readers will either curse the author because they are angry at his accusations that personal responsibility is the secret to joy or misery, or readers will stand up and cheer because they have been desperately waiting for a gentle, generous, direct, and much needed kick in the buttocks, and that kick has finally arrived.

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Do you know where you stand in life?

Center stage, x marks the spot
Center stage, x marks the spot


Playing around with Amazon Author Central and the ‘author biography’:

Sooner or later it becomes crystal clear, life is not a dress rehearsal. Live like you mean it.

Who: You. This book is all about you and your personal responsibility in life.

What: Excuses, regrets, second chances, permission.

Where: Every step you take.

When: All day. Every day.

Why: Because the clocks ticking.

How: rethink * reprioritize * recommit

The author shares what we already know, excuses lead to regret, regret leads to second chances, but there’s a catch at this point. Second chances require someone’s permission.

America’s unheralded work life balance expert, jeff noel, is a Servant, Husband, Dad, Boomer, speaker, author, runner. He believes work is only work if you’d rather be doing something else. Allergic to most pollens and mediocrity, he can’t wait for the alarm clock to go off every morning.

Since 1999, jeff has spoken to over one million people worldwide.


Everyone has a book in them.

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Mind, Brain Training

If anything can go well, it will.

Sure beats the tried and true opposite, doesn’t? Don’t even need to tell you, your mind automatically knows which phrase is exactly opposite.

New studies and evidence discard the old brain thinking dogma. That the brain is hard-wired. It can not be changed or altered.

Sunday’s at Mid Life Celebration are known as “Lorie Sheffer Day”, our faithful, funny, an insightful guest blogger.

She sent me two interesting links that I feel compelled to share with you:

  1. TIME article
  2. Book on Amazon