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The four significant obstacles to doing what we say we are going to do

Mid Life Celebration


Fellow midlife travelers, how exciting is it to accomplish what we set out to do, especially when:

  1. it has taken forever
  2. the odds were stacked against us
  3. no one was cheering us on
  4. and we worked almost exclusively alone for a monumental personal victory?

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The Great Summer of 2012

Who is the architect of accomplishment?

true love
someday, I hope our Son will find a similar way to have fun with true Love

Repetition is the mother of learning, the father of action, which makes it the architect of accomplishment. – Zig Ziglar

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The Great Summer of 2012

Is it worth it?

prolific bloggers
museum exhibit…a note pad…really?

Had a mini-epiphany the other day on the phone, while sharing my story (which may be featured in a book on purposeful aging). The whole notion of being the Internet’s Only Five-A-Day Blogger. What is that exactly? Is it a good thing? What does it mean? How or why does it matter in a sea of bloggers? What if it doesn’t.

What advice would you offer on this, tested by your personal experience and not textbook theory?

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Humility (never enough)

Don’t Be So Humble

Last night in Orlando…leaving, on a jet plane…

It can infect our attitude, our outlook on what we were meant to do in life.  Most people struggle with the next sentence…

Don’t be so humble that you don’t do anything good.

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