If Google Is The New Resume, And You’re Nearing Retirement, Do You Like Your Resume?

What possesses someone to snap a photo like this? (Indianapolis, Sept. 2010)

Real life, in real time. Take 20 pics to get 1 good one. No National Geographic. Just observations. Often profound. Read the top of the Starbucks cup.

Yeah, I’m talking to ___.

How’s your resume & retirement plan? Go.

And yes, I’m assuming that most of us have work plans after we retire.

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  1. LOVE this photo. The framing is remarkable. I think too many people would have tried to get all or none of the bike, or more of the person, in frame. But this photo shows the viewer, IMHO, the needed elements to be interesting. The bike wheel shadow, the cellphone and the blocking of the curb all point towards YOU. Stunning and to the point.

  2. Take 20 to get 1. The bike was moving. Thanks.
    Originally what caught my attention sitting on the stool in this Indianapolis Starbucks was the man’s BMI. I wondered what his world is like and how different it might be if he worked on his health resume.

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