Oh, And One More Thing jeff noel, The Blog Whisperer Wants To Share

In 8 months, jeff noel tripled Twitter followers & Tweets. Pretty lucky, eh? (there’s a point to telling you this…)

In a taxi recently with the 30-year old driver, who’s going back to College. We talked social media. Told him Google is the new resume. When you Google your name, what’s on the front page?

Mid Life Celebration doesn’t show up when you Google jeff noel. Same for The Blog Whisperer. When you ask, “What would jeff noel do?”, know that I practice before the preaching.

So basically, I’ve set out to change that. Not just wish for it. What do I want from these results? Simply this, that you set out to change whatever you want to. Wish less, do more. Go.

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