Walt Disney had a dream

  Just like Martin Luther King, Jr had a dream, so did Walt Disney. America celebrates today by closing government businesses and schools so we may have a conscious reminder to what MLK’s dream meant, and continues to mean, to every American. And in our busy lives, many of us will recall only one thing […]

2,400 bottles of beer on the wall…

  Today becomes the 2,400th consecutive day of writing five daily, differently-themed blog posts…12,000 posts: Mind • Body • Spirit • Work • Home Prior to April Fools Day 2009, i had not gone more than three consecutive days, and had never written five posts in a single day. The genesis was a self-imposed 100-day writer’s bootcamp. […]

One of life’s most overlooked opportunities suffocates us

    Why do we let what we can’t do stop us from what we can do? How do you thank someone for their overwhelmingly remarkable demonstration of community? One of life’s most overlooked opportunities suffocates us. And it happens so slowly, we don’t even notice. We fear failing or embarrassment, so we wait and […]