Please forgive the straightforwardness

Seri music match
Today is beautiful, even if we are broken – and we are all broken.


Here’s how high i’ve learned to aim…

Here’s the simple choice we all face, everyday, all day.

Focus on what makes us miserable or focus on what makes us happy.

Focus on what we don’t have = miserable.

Focus on what we do have = joy.

Aim so high it scares you.

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No theory at Mid Life Celebration

Yosemite Safari


(photo: Yosemite operating system install complete.)

Why can so few of us slow down enough to appreciate unusually rare art?

Called three people yesterday on the flight home from Detroit. The calls were the first of this type in 55 years.

The people were chosen for their dedication, support, encouragement, loyalty, hope.

People side by side with MLC from the beginning in April 2009.

Mid Life Celebration’s very first post was November 14, 2008.

Sure it’s challenging to read five daily, differently-themed blog posts for five-plus years.

Maybe they were contacted because they understand it’s exponentially more challenging to write them.

No theory here.

Only real life in real time.

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We love you Cooper

Loving message written in the beach sand


Last night after the sun went down.

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Failure? I’m not the person the world wants me to be…

don’t let quitters influence you


Failure? I’m not the person the world wants me to be.

Thank goodness.

Too many people are trying to mold us into something they think we should be.

Midlife celebration is our get-out-of-jail-free card.

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Sorry for the slow load speed… GoDaddy fixed it, quickly

Sorry for the super slow speed the past two days. GoDaddy resolved the situation below in less than two hours.

GoDaddy is migrating Mid Life Celebration’s sites from shared hosting to web hosting. Been assured the slowness will be a distant memory in 24-72 hours. Thanks for riding out the glitch with me.

Once again, GoDaddy provided 24/7 world class customer service phone support (thanks Abby) and technical support. Repeat, world class.

Been a raving fan since 2008!