Just follow the template handed down to you

Orlando Professional Keynote Speakers


(photo: Orlando sky writer yesterday.)

Us and our future. Who’s in charge of granting us permission to break free from conformity and live like we mean it?

Better to just follow the template handed down to you?

The one that promises freedom to retire when you reach a milestone age and then you can live the American dream.

Just stay on the path long enough and you’ll eventually make it all the way to the front of the line.

You’ll be next. It will be your turn to enjoy the good life of retirement.


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There are moments in our lives that only happen once.

Small plastic Disney character toys


(photo: Two days ago the photo was inspired to capture the laptop cable lock, middle left. Most professional speakers don’t secure their laptop.)

There are moments in our lives that only happen once.

The gratitude from the solitude at 4:30am in this quiet Flint, Michigan Holiday Inn room is remarkable.

Pause for a moment and think about your working years, and the working years of your parents and grandparents.

Have you followed in their footsteps?

Why or why not?

Have you set an example for your children (if you’re a parent)?

Disney career officially began January 25, 1982 as a Magic Kingdom Jungle Cruise Skipper. Left later that year to ride a bicycle across the Country. Returned to Walt Disney World permanently September 1984.

Eventually we all reach the once-in-a-lifetime moment…

The official, public sharing of the impending retirement began yesterday, October 16, 2014.

Never been there here, nor done that before.


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Baby Boomers, how much time and from how many angles?

Mid Life Celebration book
How much time and from how many angles should we think about retirement?


Baby Boomers, how much time and from how many angles?

When is the right age?

What are the ramifications?

Pension, healthcare, 401k, social security.

bills • obligations • identity • freedom • loss

We could have the same conversation about…

fear • risks • opportunity • regrets • permission

Most likely though, these things really scare us. And make us uncomfortable in spite of the good bits.

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The two biggest adversaries to workplace thriving

Disney lakes
Mutiny on the ship never happens under great leadership. Ever.


Can you remember the last time you spoke with a business professional who said, “Can’t imagine ever leaving this job. The pay, the perks, the schedule, the recognition, the joy, my boss, the executives. It’s like heaven on earth working here”.

… can you remember?

It hardly ever plays out like this.


Because people are willing to compromise their beliefs, remain silent, accept mediocrity, and watch the clock tick by, one year at a time.


Comfort and fear.

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Thriving in the key of midlife

Walt Disney World 2014 tee shirt
Walt Disney World has been our hometown for three decades.


Thriving in the key of midlife is challenging if not downright difficult.

So much fear of the unknown creeps in.

Playing it safe suffocates our dreams.

Boomers are thinking about retiring at 55, 60, or 65.

In other words, in a few months, or not for another five or ten years.

There’s a big difference in what’s at risk, and what’s to be gained.

Early retirement sacrifices pension potential and increases health care costs.

Later retirement sacrifices healthy and precious ‘now’ time to do things we may not get to do years from now.

The case for doing either one is strong.

This makes it difficult.

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