Need Help Not Giving Up?

Mid Life Wishes?

Mid Life Wishes?

Heard the one, “Be careful what you wish for”?

How about this one, “What you have become is the price you paid to get what you used to want”?  — Mignon McLaughlin

Mid life is a wonderful opportunity to be thankful for all the questions swimming around in our heads.

Questions without easy answers.

Questions that may have more than one answer.

Questions that must be answered.

I’ve trained myself to resist the temptation to quit, to give up, to think it’s not worth it.

That too is a hard mid life challenge.  That too is one I can’t quit.

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Outlasting Fear

Two Hardest Things in Mid Life

Mid Life – the two hardest things:

“The two hardest things in life are failure and success”. — Unknown

Wow!  In reading this quote last night, I was struck by it’s truth.

I hate to fail. It scares the heck out of me. I’m not talking about losing a monopoly game. Ya with me?

I also get scared to death of success.

In speaking with Tiger Woods back in May 2008, I asked him, “Do you ever get tired of being famous”?

He responded matter of factly, “Since day one”!

It’s a risk I have to take.

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Mid Life Crisis Is When...

Carl Jung Quote

Carl Jung quote:

“Nothing has a stronger influence psychologically on their environment, and especially on their children, than the unlived lives of their parents”.

Mid Life can produce an awareness, for many of us, that we’ve become workaholics.

In our quest to do a good job at work and build our self esteem, self worth, we unknowingly sabotage our relationships with the people closest to us.

It took a long time to get here. It will take a long time to go back. Better late than never? Hope so.

Get started today.  One small step.  If not today, when?

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Mid Life Crisis Is When...

Mid Life Travels

Mid Life Travels.  Whether we travel physically or mentally, we are always on a journey.

In an hour, I’ll be heading west on I-70 to Indianapolis International Airport.

As with many business travelers, speed is often the name of the game – get us there as quickly as possible.

Maybe the fundamental catalyst for a mid life crisis is our very nature to want to hurry along at the quickest pace.

More is better. Faster is better. Until we wake up one day and wonder how we got here. How we got to mid life so quickly.

Better get going. Don’t want to get caught in morning rush hour traffic and miss my flight.

Actually, I don’t want to miss anything mid-life has to offer.

Do you?

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Mid Life World Class

Mid Life is world class. It really is. But we have to work hard at it.

How does a young child go from jumping off the kiddie ramp in the first photo, to jumping off the world class ramp?

The same way you and I become great at anything.


Last week I had the privilege to represent the United States at the Master’s Track & Field World Championships.

I got there the same way the ski jumpers did.


Today is a great day to practice.  If not today, when?

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