Will this day become memorable?

Age and youth collide


(photo: Not quite four, not quite 89. One learned to walk in the past couple years. For the other it’s impossible.)

A steady dose of, “Who cares?”

January 5, 2015. Will this day be remembered on April 15, 2015?

You know, the early morning part of saying goodbye to aging parents, the rental car return, the non-stop flight to Walt Disney World, the temperature change, the home inspection after being gone for 10 days?

Will the observations, conversations, fun, food, concerns, insights – will any of these matter in 100 days?

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Top Three Surprises From Blogging 90 Days Ahead

As of January 30, 2012...

Here are the top three surprises from the past month’s blogging 90 days ahead experiment:

  1. Relished the radical departure from normal
  2. Any worry of other’s perceptions evaporated quickly
  3. The effort to write 5 blogs is no different same day or 90 ahead

Looking forward to getting back to “normal” tomorrow.

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90 Days Ahead

Back at ESPN Wide World Of Sports Complex on New Year's Day 2012

Blogging 90 days ahead? What is that all about? Like I said yesterday, it’ll either be an epic failure or a great discovery.

And a brief public service note…

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