Happy New Year 2012!

Last night at ESPN's Wild World Of Sports Complex

Happy New Year!

Huh? Wait. Sure, it was 90 days ago. And no, this isn’t an April Fool’s Day prank. It’s a blogging, and life, experiment.

So how has 2012 been treating you? Have the first 90 days of this amazing opportunity been better than, about what, or less than, you expected?

I sincerely hope your answer is, “better than expected”.

This post goes a bit against my short and pithy mantra, as well as going against what some would say is conventional blogging wisdom.

You see, we must always find creative ways to get and stay motivated.

And to that end, I wonder every day how to do it. And also, how you do it.

So here’s a little secret. This post is 90 days old. And yes, it’s New Year’s Day morning. For real.

This month’s posts are a look at the future – 90 days out – and looking back to compare the two perspectives. Every post this month will be written exactly three months in advance.

This could be an epic failure, or a really interesting way to discover the undiscovered.

Happy New Year (and happy April Fool’s day too).

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