Why Do We Go On Vacation Anyway? To Escape? To Have Fun? To Do Something We Enjoy?

Funny how we want so desperately to get to a place we rarely get to the rest of the year – vacation. Escape the rat race. Have the fun we don’t seem to have normally. Finally do something we actually enjoy. That’s the allure of Margaritaville, where it’s always happy hour – you create it […]

Sometimes I Miss Margaritaville So Much, I Want To Go Back

Ever have so much fun for so long, it becomes who you are in real life? A state of mind, Margaritaville is also a lifestyle. Too much of a good thing is wonderful… Medicating and distractions to get there, isn’t. Next Blog

Actually, The Fairest Part Of Midlife Vacation Is The Fact That We Should Be So Much Smarter In How We’ve Learned To Relax

But, like Peter Pan and his shadow, we sometimes get separated. We let our blind ambition erase our intuition. And try to cram lost months into five or six days. Next Blog

One Thing For Certain, Being Politically Correct Is A Low Priority

How often do we worry about saying the right thing to the right person? Not so much when we’re on vacation, far away from home, surrounded by palm trees, sand and sun. Throw in the Gulf of Mexico and a rainbow, and all bets for political correctness are off. Next Blog