Midlife changes in latitude, changes in attitude?

Rainbow through the trees at Sanibel Island


(photo: early morning view from cottage porch on Sanibel Island 2009)

Heading to Sanibel Island in a few hours.

Midlife changes in latitude, changes in attitude?

Where’s your favorite place to chill?

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  1. Jeff,

    The place I like for relaxation is the place I am presenting this week. However, the family didn’t get to come with me this time, so it is not the same, and work has changed, which is a stressor on its on. But the place is Point Clear, AL, on Mobile Bay. Things move slower, and it is intentional. Overlooking the bay, the resort hotel still takes a slow-down for an afternoon tea on the lawn and provides bicycles for rides down paths along the shoreline. Boats and kayaks are provided for you to take out into the bay. Did I mention electronics? No…this is time to recharge yourself.


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