If You Want To Be Creative, And Get Creative Results, You Must Practice What You preach

jeff noel, and most Baby Boomers, can think of no better way to lead than by example. To be creative and unleash an amazingly refreshing entrepreneurial spirit requires midlife adults to break the mold society has fed us as “the way”. “The way” is predictable and crowded, but societal norms Mediocrityville is crumbling. By midlife, […]

Loving What You Do, Doing What You Love Is Key To Midlife Celebration

What do you get when you love Florida, palm trees, sunshine, beaches, tropical air, entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, writing, seafood, and business travel? The 3rd annual Mid Life Celebration Writer’s Retreat, a highly anticipated time to unplug from mainstream, and plug into unhurried creativity, battery recharging, blue-sky brainstorming, and some of the most intense dreaming and […]

Indecision May Or May Not Be My Problem

It’s interesting to be at the beach and be 52, but feel 21. Ever feel like that? That feeling of same story, different ending? Which side of the life’s fence do we really want to be on? What are we willing to give up on one side to get on the other? What are we supposed […]